Hi Cake Cleansers and interested followers,

 Allow me introduce myself. I’m Jennifer May, Nutritionist, certified foodie and founder of Sydney City Nutritionist. I’m the Nutritionist who proof-read and backed (with firm confidence) the Cake Cleanse recipes and diet plan.

As a Nutritionist it is important to me that I lead by example and follow a healthy diet. Having studied Nutritional Medicine, my determination to follow and recommend a healthy diet is fuelled by an absolute respect for the healing power of food. I love my veggies, look forward to crunchy salads and excited about green smoothies and this provides me with the necessary energy to inspire, encourage and coach people to live healthier, happier lives.

However, despite loving all things green, I also have absolute adoration for powerful ingredients such as Cacao and Coconut. I love to use these ingredients to make healthy cupcakes, chocolate treats, banana bread and cakes and it makes me shine that little bit brighter when I watch the faces light up of those I share my healthy treats with.

So when Deborah from Cake Cleanse contacted me, I was excited to see the ideas. I was not however prepared for how detailed and well thought out this beautiful plan would be. The Cake Cleanse diet plan is well balanced, uses only the best and most nourishing ingredients, and is laid out in a step by step, easy to follow plan.

Cake Cleanse is rich in healing ingredients that will improve your energy and naturally boost your metabolism. I’m excited to recommend this diet plan to anyone who would like more energy, easy weight management, improved hormonal balance, mood and skin. This is a nourishing and energising plan that will help you find that younger, healthier, happier you – with the freedom to enjoy healthy and indulgent treats with absolutely no guilt.

I hope you enjoy this plan and look forward to hearing your success stories.

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