Let’s look at the ingredients in Regular Nutella and see why it’s hard to stop at just one spoonful!


Sugar- When a product contains high levels of hidden sugar we want more. There is no off switch to tell us we are full. We have to eat more to continue the sugar high. Nutella is 55% sugar. The official nutrition facts show that two tablespoons of the spread contain 21 grams of sugar!


Palm Oil- While the company who produces Nutella is now addressing the environmental impact of harvesting palm oil, is it healthy? Unfortunately, it is processed and oxidised. According to the article Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, once the oil is oxidised, it poses health dangers on the psychological and biochemical levels, such as reproductive toxicity and organ toxicity, impacting organs such as the kidneys and lungs. This oil gives Nutella its’ smooth consistency but there are healthier oils available like virgin coconut oil.


Hazelnuts- The star of Nutella, however there are not enough hazelnuts in Nutella to receive the healthy fats and protein that truly satisfy the appetite.


Cocoa- Processed cocoa solids gives Nutella its chocolatey taste.


MSG - An artificial flavor called vanillin which is labeled on every Nutella jar also known as E621. This is not vanilla extract that is used in many Cake Cleanse recipes but monosodium glutamate. This flavour enhancer stimulates the appetite and studies show harmful effects.


Other ingredients include soy lecithin, skim milk, reduced minerals whey.


It is no surprise that Nutella is easy to binge eat. Yes it’s a comfort food but it’s a damaging one. But why give up that smooth chocolatey taste. You don’t have too! Get it and get health benefits.


HOMEMADE 0% SUGAR NUTELLA  Makes 1 cup | Prep 20 minutes 

• 130g/4.6oz hazelnuts (or nut butter) 

• 1 tsp coconut oil 

• 130g/4.6oz almond milk 

• 1 tsp vanilla extract 

• 40g/1.4oz granulated stevia 

• 30g/1.1oz raw cacao powder 

• ¼ tsp salt 

Preparation Add the hazelnuts to the food processor/ NutriBullet. Keep the processor on high for 5-10 minutes after the hazelnut meal forms, the natural oils will come out and it slowly turns to nut butter. Scrape down the sides and process again. Add 1 tsp coconut oil and process for another few minutes. Repeat until you have a smooth hazelnut paste. Add the almond milk, vanilla, stevia, cacao and salt and process until creamy.

Store in a glass jar in the fridge.

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