You cannot starve your way out of a problem...

January 21, 2016

What does that mean you say? If your body is breaking down, gaining weight, deprived of energy, it is undoubtedly because something is missing – usually because it is deficient in essential nutrients. Weight gain for example, is rarely a problem of calorie excess – it’s usually that you are depriving your body of nutrients.

Let me explain a little more:

If you eat a chocolate cake made from processed, bleached white flour, refined sugar and unhealthy oils, your body recognises an intake of calories and gets excited “For something with this level of calories there must be a party of nutrients!” – your body thinks excitedly. However after processing the sugars and unhealthy fats, what is left? Very little unfortunately.

Your body has now expended valuable energy on digestion and has been provided with very little energy (in the form of essential vitamins and minerals) in return. The result – an energy slump as the body shuts down and tries to conserve valuable energy resources while it tiredly demands more food. Your body pleads with you to provide the essential energy it needs to function… what do you usually respond with? Pasta/bread/cakes etc - More flour, processed oils and sugar. This is what drives weight gain!

In contrast, the cakes, energy bites and other treats in Cake Cleanse are rich in essential nutrients. Ingredients such as raw cacao, coconut oil, ground almond meal, berries and bananas replenish valuable nutrients that we use each day for our bodies to thrive and grow. So now when your body excitedly expends energy in the hard work of digestion to obtain nutrients, it is rewarded with a host of essential vitamins and minerals. The result – energy, smiles and better general health.

This is why a diet plan such as Cake Cleanse works so well. When our bodies are craving chocolate or other treats it is usually because we are lacking something. We often crave chocolate when we are deficient in magnesium or iron – because Cacao in it’s pure form is a good source of these ingredients. We crave oils when we are under physical or emotional stress – because every cell in our body is lined with a fatty layer – we need those oils for stronger, more resilient cells.

The Cake Cleanse diet plan is designed to provide all essential nutrients for your body to thrive, while also honouring our love for the delicious, indulgent sensual experience of chocolatey, creamy treats. Eat your way to a healthier, happier you with the finest ingredients. Please don’t forget to share your stories with us.

You can download the Cake Cleanse Healthy Food Guide Australia here.
Created by an Aussie foodie and nutritionist and available worldwide.