Sydney City Nutritionist

October 27, 2015

Why Restrictive Diets are Not the Answer

We all know that person who eats very little and struggles through battling fatigue, headaches and nausea saying “it’ll be worth it when I’m thinner/healthier/have better skin” – this is what many people feel is necessary in order to achieve their health goals, and many are justly not ready for that kind of misery. In my practice I commonly see patients who are battling serious health conditions or who have been struggling to lose weight for quite some time. Many of these patients come in with a preconceived notion that the only way to achieve their goals is to follow a restrictive diet feeling hungry, tired and deprived… which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The problem is that this deprivation approach may achieve results in the short term, but it is absolutely not sustainable. Many people will follow 3-5 days of restrictive dieting with several days of nauseating indulgence. Of course this indulgence is followed with a “that’s it, I’m back on my diet tomorrow, I can’t continue like this” and so the yo-yo begins.

So what’s the secret?...

It’s really not that big of a secret at all. Food, not deprivation, is our medicine! The greatest outcomes I see in my practice are not those who deprive themselves but who find an appreciation and respect for real food and use it to their advantage – they enjoy regular healthy treats and never feel that they are watching what they eat, in fact they cannot stop instagramming photos of their delicious food, raving about how happy, energised and motivated they feel from eating this way. Those who follow restrictive diets by contrast feel lethargic, apathetic and persevere only with shear willpower - this battle cannot continue for long.

It’s really very simple. Every cell and process in our body requires specific nutrients or they simply will not function. Now without going in to the science of it all let me just say this, if we deprive our body of essential nutrients it will break down, driving cravings for sleep, sugar and caffeine – which leaves us fatigued, sluggish and deficient. In contrast, if we fuel our body with essential vitamins and minerals, we provide the energy our body needs on a cellular level – with surplus energy we then are inspired to move our bodies more and to be active, with movement we naturally detox and cleanse our body and with cleansing comes healing and renewal.

With the Cake Cleanse diet plan you will consume only nourishing, healing foods that are rich in essential nutrients. These foods provide the energy and vitality your body needs to function at its best. The fact that this comes in the form of a brownie/muffin/cake or energy bite is really just an incredible bonus as the real magic is that the nutritional benefit of these foods will leave you feeling full, satisfied and energised- not sleepy, nauseous and/or hungry. This is not a “sneak your spinach in to a sugar-laden brownie and call it healthy” diet. Believe me I’ve seen plenty of those! This is a diet plan which provides healthy meal ideas comprising of healthy fats, vegetables and protein. Your treats are based on magnesium rich, energising cacao, natural antifungal and metabolism boosting coconut oil, zinc and calcium rich ground almonds and energising, mood boosting bananas.

What’s more, each meal/snack or quick treat comes with a full nutrition panel. So you can monitor your intake and ensure you are getting all you need even if not following the step by step plan. However, the ingredients in the Cake Cleanse recipes are so nourishing that you’ll rarely have room to over-indulge when following the plan. Combining the natural appetite suppressing raw cacao with the fibre and healthy fats of coconut flour means that even the greediest of us will find it hard to have room for a second serving – believe me, I’ve tried!

Find the Meal Plan here.