Strawberry Shortcake Kebabs

May 31, 2016

Here's an easy idea for entertaining. These fun kebabs taste like strawberry shortcake in delicious healthy bites. They are great to serve at BBQ's and parties and kids and adults are equally happy to help themselves to a few for dessert.

I made a gluten free coconut cake the day before. I used a square tin, and after baking allowed it to cool. On the day of the BBQ I cut the cake into bite size squares and stored them in a plastic container in the fridge. My strawberries were washed and dried and also stored in the fridge ready to assemble. I used a can of whipped cream as I couldn't get my hands on fresh whipping cream. You could use fresh whipped cream but you would have to whip it to a very firm consistency so it held it's shape on the kebab sticks. 

To assemble-  Find a large serving platter. 

Pipe a bit of cream on each small cake square.

Thread a strawberry through it's middle on the kebab stick followed by the cake and cream.

Repeat with another strawberry then another cake and cream.

Add another strawberry and lay the kebab on the serving platter.

Mine consisted of 3 strawberries each and 2 cake squares and creams.

As you assemble the skewers, place them on top of each other on the platter and serve with extra whipped cream.

The cake diet.....even at parties!

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