How I Stay Healthy Travelling

April 12, 2016

Take Off
If I start a journey with health in mind I am more likely to sustain it for the rest of the trip. I put very little effort into packing a suitcase with clothes and more effort into organising my carry on luggage so that I’m comfortable on the flight.

I bring my own snacks on board which usually involves clearing out the fridge of fruit and vegetables, chopping them up and putting them in snap lock bags. This means no wilted, wasted food in the fridge when I return from travelling and while waiting at the airport I have healthy choices rather than overpriced terminal food. I also make up a quick batch of energy bites and store them in an airtight container. These are far more energising than the packaged food served on planes.

I eat the hot meal served by the flight attendants but avoid bread and alcohol. This is a personal choice and not a difficult one. I have tried flying many ways and drank my fair share of booze in the sky. To avoid looking like I’ve swallowed a basketball on landing I hydrate with still water and stand up to move and stretch on long flights.

Go Local
One of the most enriching aspects of travel for me is exploring regional cuisine. On my recent trip to Thailand I bought tropical fruit from street markets and watched the vendors cook delicious stir-fries in front of me with simple, local fresh produce.

I also buy packets of nuts to keep in my handbag for snacking while sightseeing.  Tip- No matter what country, no matter what language, always read the label on packaged food. The nuts that I was going to buy had 10 ingredients and numbers; although I can’t read Thai I knew they were not the best choice. Look for as few ingredients as possible or preferably 1 ingredient: nuts! Carry plenty of bottled water especially in hot climates.

Discover A New Location With Activities
Everyone who knows me knows I’m a walker. I believe the best way to discover a new destination is on foot. I find hidden places and it keeps me fit too. Group activities like yoga in the park are a great way to meet people and keep healthy while travelling. I recently enjoyed a retreat at CC’S hideaway in Phuket, it included jungle trekking, yoga, sight seeing and beach activities. I meet wonderful people from all over the world and felt absolutely rejuvenated.

Have fun
Not all food I eat while travelling is what I would classify as healthy but I travel to learn about people, their land and culture. Sampling something I have never tasted before and understanding how it is prepared gives me great joy. When I arrive home I start experimenting with how I would cook it and will  share my recipes here.

Happy and safe travels on your next journey.