Healthy Nutella Finally!

January 27, 2016

1 Serve

1 Minute to Make

I recently received an email from a lady who shared her problem of binging on jars of Nutella before she started the 4 Week Cleanse. I asked Carol if I could share her story.

Carol: “I would take a tablespoon and eat Nutella directly from the jar, mindlessly, in front of the television a few nights a week. I couldn’t stop and used to finish the whole jar. I was an emotional, comfort eater but ended up feeling sick and guilty.” 

Cake Cleanse: I hear you! I used to eat entire blocks of chocolate!  Let’s look at the ingredients in Nutella and see why it’s hard to stop eating it.

Sugar- When a product contains high levels of hidden sugar we want more. There is no off switch to tell us we are full. We have to eat more to continue the sugar high. Nutella is 55% sugar. The official nutrition facts show that two tablespoons of the spread contain 21 grams of sugar!

Palm Oil- While the company who produces Nutella is now addressing the environmental impact of harvesting palm oil, is it healthy? Unfortunately, it is processed and oxidised. According to the article Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, once the oil is oxidised, it poses health dangers on the psychological and biochemical levels, such as reproductive toxicity and organ toxicity, impacting organs such as the kidneys and lungs. This oil gives Nutella its’ smooth consistency but there are healthier oils available like virgin coconut oil.

Hazelnuts- The one star of Nutella, but it does not contain enough hazelnuts to receive the healthy fats and protein that truly satisfy the appetite.

Cocoa- Cocoa solids (or powder) gives Nutella its chocolatey taste.

MSG An artificial flavor called vanillin which is labeled on every Nutella jar also known as E621. This is not vanilla extract that is used in many Cake Cleanse recipes but monosodium glutamate. This flavour enhancer stimulates the appetite and studies show harmful effects.

Other ingredients include soy lecithin, skim milk, reduced minerals whey.

It is no surprise that people binge on Nutella. Yes it’s a comfort food but it’s a damaging one. The good news is there is no need to give up that smooth chocolatey taste. You don’t have too! Get it and get health benefits.

Here is 1 serving to spread on gluten free bread or eat it right of the tablespoon which leaves you feeling satisfied, energised and not like you want to eat the whole jar.


1 Tbsp nut butter- for filling protein and healthy fats

½ tsp cacao powder- unrefined for a feel good magnesium boost

stevia- zero sugar, zero calorie plant based sweetener

Or ¾ tsp maple syrup- tiny amount for subtle, natural sweetness


Mix nut butter (I used smooth 100% peanut butter), cacao, a few drops of liquid stevia or maple syrup in a cup. Stir until smooth. Spread on bread or rice crackers.

There is also a recipe for Healthy Nutella in the Recipe eBook. This involves whizzing hazelnuts in a blender for 10 minutes to make your own nut butter.

Thanks for your feedback Carol; this healthy spread is for you and all Nutella fans!

You can download the sugar free diet plan UK & worldwide here