Cookies and Cream Cups

November 25, 2015

This thick, creamy dessert keeps me fuller for longer, it is ideal for weight loss but also a delicious pudding for the whole family. The high protein in Greek yoghurt builds muscles and is vital for new cell growth. There is also calcium and probiotics for bone and digestive health. The cookies are no bake with subtle sweetness from dates and coconut to make the skin glow. The chocolatey taste comes from 100% cacao powder, full of mood boosting magnesium and iron. Cookies and cream have always been a favourite flavour combination and now I can enjoy it more knowing that it's good for me.
Serves 4
• 6 dates, pitted

• 30ml/1.0fl oz light coconut milk

• 80g/2.8oz desiccated coconut

• 2 tsp cacao powder

• ½ tsp salt

• 1 tsp vanilla

• 600g/21.2oz low fat Greek yoghurt

1. Line a tray with baking parchment paper.

2. Add the dates and coconut milk to the food processor and blend into a smooth paste.

3. Add the desiccated coconut, cacao powder, salt, and vanilla and blend until combined and crumbly.

4. Spoon out a teaspoon even each time and press firmly with hands to form mini cookies.

5. Place on the tray in the fridge and allow to set for at least an hour.

6. Place 150 grams each (1 serving) of Greek yoghurt into 4 cups or small bowls, dunk cookies and sprinkle crumbles over the yoghurt.

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