Christmas Body Scrub

December 20, 2015

This natural body scrub recipe is inspired by the aroma of homemade Christmas cookies fresh from the oven. It’s better than a store bought scrub as there are no nasty chemicals and it will leave your skin soft and moisturised.

Cosmetics with artificial fragrance and chemicals are highly irritating to my skin. According to Dr Mercola, a leading Physician, almost 1,300 chemicals are used in cosmetics but only 10% have been evaluated for safety. The average woman puts 168 chemicals on her body in the form of make-up and beauty products per day verus 85 chemicals for men. The Environmental Work Group conducted this research and also tested teens to find out which chemicals in personal care products were found in their bodies. Their findings were horrifying: 16 different hormone-altering chemicals, including parabens and phthalates, were detected. These chemicals are used as cheap fillers to make products foam or thicken and combined with artificial fragrance and colours have shown to cause harm to the body both externally and internally.

When I worked in the beauty industry I used to buy everything in shiny containers from cosmetics companies. These days, I have found homemade beauty products better, cheaper and easier. I use the wholesome ingredients in Cake Cleanse food recipes to make skin care products and store them in glass jars in my bathroom. They contain a very short ingredients list (unlike the long, unpronounceable names on some cosmetics’ jars) and go beyond a delicious scent with powerful skin benefits but without the adverse effects from chemicals.

Here are the 4 ingredients in this scrub:

Coconut Oil- This skin softener has proven disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. Coconut oil is rich in many proteins, which help with tissue repair and skin rejuvenation. Coconut oil does not go rancid which means this jar of body scrub can be left in a cool place in your bathroom with no artificial preservatives needed.

White Sugar- If you are following the Cake Cleanse lifestyle I’m sure you have been enjoying food with natural sweeteners and don’t need those packets of white sugar at the back of your pantry. Rather than throwing them out, use this sugar to make body scrub. It’s grittiness is the exfoliating ingredient of the scrub which removes dead skin cells and rough patches. So while enjoying sugar free cakes, you can use sugar for your beauty therapy.

Cinnamon- I added this beautiful spice for it’s natural aroma but it also has exfoliating properties. Cinnamon has been used topically for centuries in Asia for skin disorders. I find it keeps my skin  inflammation under control. A large number of studies have determined the anti-bacterial properties of cinnamon and a few studies going as far back as 1978 reported it’s anti-fungal effects.

Honey- This skin enhancer is soothing and moisturizing with anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. It is clarifying and gives your skin a beautiful glow.

½ cup/105g/3.7oz coconut oil
4 Tbsp white sugar
½ tsp cinnamon powder
2 Tbsp honey

Preparation and Use
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and stir until combined. Spoon the scrub into a sealable glass jar. Store in a cool dry place. To use, stand in the shower before turning on the water, take out a spoonful and use large circular movements with your hands to exfoliate. Turn the water on and continue to massage the scrub into the skin washing away the sugar granules. Pat the skin dry with a towel, you will notice the coconut oil also has a mositurising effect so there’s no need for body lotion.

Glow and Enjoy!