5 Ways To Stay Healthy This Christmas

December 10, 2015

It’s possible to enjoy food and be well during the festive season.

1. Balance

It is not necessary to eat clean 100% of the time as Christmas is for celebrating with family and friends. I enjoy a smorgasbord of food but never go overboard which is very different to before when I used to eat like crazy then go on a diet in January. Now I have a balanced approach with a few special occasion foods and nutritious roasted vegetables, nuts and fresh fruit. Energy Bites rolled in coconut for a Christmas effect look great on the table along with the candy canes. Cake Cleanse recipes look just like party food but are secretly healthy. Eating real food is a lifestyle I enjoy and not a diet.

2. Booze

This is one of the most important lessons I have learnt and as a result will never have a hangover again!                                                                                                                                                Hydrate with water first.                                                                                                                  Previously I would rush to get ready, turn up to a function and wind down with an alcoholic beverage or six. I now genuinely enjoy the party by making my first drink water. I relax, sip water and have good conversations. After your glass of water, if you then choose to drink, alternate every boozy beverage with a glass of H20. Your head will thank you in the morning and you won’t do anything you’ll regret at the office Christmas party!

3. Stress Less

Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect, we are not living in a glossy catalogue. I am terrible at wrapping gifts and always forget to buy cards. We have eased the expectations in our family by buying small gifts. It is far more important to sit around a table with people I love or if I can’t celebrate with them (my family lives all over the word) to call and share some Christmas photos.

4. Easy Meals

Plan dishes by looking at preparation time at the top of recipes. I don’t mind if something is in the oven for 50 minutes but I want it to take 15 minutes to prepare.When I create a recipe I think about the easiest, healthiest way to get it on the table.

5. Wherever You Are, Walk

Travelling for the holidays can make it hard to stick to a fitness schedule.  After a big Christmas meal, relax a little and then go on a family walk. A comfortable stroll, a laugh and fresh air is my idea of a happy, healthy Christmas.

Wishing You A Merry Christmas,


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