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A nourishing and indulgent

4 Week Meal Plan and Recipe eBook

"A New Diet Where You Can Eat Cake And Lose Weight Too"
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  •   Improve your health and energy
  •   Skyrocket your vitality
  •   Satisfy hunger and cravings
  •   Clear skin
  •   Boost your mood
  •   Lose weight while enjoying food
  •  No more restrictive diets


Why Cake Cleanse
  • Diets don't work in the long-term as they are limited and don't cater for cravings.
  • Cake Cleanse includes delicious healthy treats.
  • Bad elements in tempting foods are swapped with clean, wholesome and tasty ingredients.
  • Enjoy chocolate, muffins, ice cream, pancakes, pasta and fried rice all year round.
  • Cake Cleanse is a lifestyle which is not only guilt free but good for you.
  • Eat nutrient rich Choc Cravings Cupcakes on the Cleanse.








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